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Animated videos are an engaging tool that can help you tell your story in a more comprehensive way.

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Out of 50 best explainer videos collected by HubSpot, Video Brewery, and Switch Video, 86% are animated only 7 are non-animated  And This is Why Animation Companies In India Are Investing A Lot Of Time In Creating Interactive Content.

What is an Animated Video?

An animated video is a video that uses computer-generated graphics along with movement, illustrations, and sound to explain a concept, product or service. Animated videos are an engaging tool that can help you tell your story in a more comprehensive way. With animated videos, you have the freedom to do whatever you want. Animated videos are a great means of providing context for even your farthest ideas.

Animation simplifies complex topics and helps illustrate complex ideas in simple, engaging, and meaningful ways, Like What Happens if you want to capture something very big, or something very small, or maybe something abstract. Animated videos offer more opportunities to advertise your products in a more engaging way than live motion videos.

Compelling advantages of using Animated Videos.

Animation fits for just about anything.

Animated videos are cost-effective.

Animated videos scale with your business.

Animated Videos are Fun and easy to update.

Types Of Animation Video

2D Animation

2D animation is the art of creating motion of characters, objects, and backgrounds in a two-dimensional environment. This Movement is created when computer-generated graphics or illustrations are sequenced together over time.

2D animation is a popular and diverse medium of animation and can be seen in tv shows, video games, movies, advertisements, mobile applications, and on websites.

These days, Animation is used for everything online, even if you don’t realize it initially, such as advertisements and entertainment. 2D animation conveys stories or messages in the most concise, interactive, and entertaining way.

3D Animation

3D animation is the process of generating 3 Dimensional moving images in a digital format. They can be rotated and moved like real objects. Since animation in 3D has far-reaching flexibility and control over the visualization and making a visual more realistic.

3D animation is used in all types of industries, from Feature films to education, medical to engineering, and it forms the heart of virtual reality and gaming. They are commonly used for presentations and marketing across all industries to add some flair.

3D Animation Studios in India have benefited from global giants of animation like Walt Disney, and Warner Bros since they are outsourcing animation and special effects to Indian companies.

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