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Creativity is intelligence having fun

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As one of the versatile and leading media production houses in Delhi, we deliver the best projects to our clients. We strive to provide a worry-free experience to our clients. Once you choose Retake Studios for a project, you don’t need to worry about the details. Combining your wholesome vision & aim with our collective experience, Retake brings you a product that you absolutely love, which proves effective towards your purpose whether you’re a budding start-up, business, brand, web-platform, educational, and govt. institution or freelance artist.

Our talented team of storytellers and directors can spin any kind of video at the drop of a hat to meet your requirements. We help you get your visual story to your audience in the most crisp and comprehensible manner, without you having to worry about micromanaging every little detail.

How We Do What We Do

Our experience in writing, creating, and producing beautifully conceived video content helps us to be the best production company in Delhi, helping clients with video ads, corporate videos, documentaries, explainer videos, and animation films.





Our Process

The Reason Behind Our Success

Step - 01.


Everything that can be said has already been said, but how you say it makes all the difference.

Step - 02.


Each shot sends a message intentional or not. We take control and fine-tune each variable in production.

Step - 03.


Impact is generated with the synergy between each bit from writing, tempo, acting, shots, to music and colors.

Step - 04.


Learn and Grow from client and viewer feedback and keep forever improving the content we deliver to the world.

Meet Our Team

We’re a team of makers, thinkers, explorers. We approach work and play with curiosity and experimentation, using what we learn to create meaningful stories into videos that connect with people, just like you. We love Creativity, We Hustle, We obsess over Details, We Value Relationships, We High Five, We Make Things and Break things, We love Memes, We Exceed Expectations, And We party.

The exceptionally talented minds & souls, because it's all about the people.

With great attention to detail, she ensures we deliver the best experience possible to any and all partners of Retake.​

Sheetal Shraisth

-Director of Client Relations-

-IIT, Delhi-

Back Title

The Founder and All Rounder with the dream to tell memorable stories & refine the entire entertainment industry.​

Prashant Yadav

-Creative Director & Founder-

-IIT, Delhi-

Able to fit into any role that demands attention, with a niche in direction and writing. Has a knack for telling stories.

Tushar Narang

-Production Head-

Jaitr Bhakhri


Chaitanya Kulkarni

-Post Production Lead-

Devanshi Chaudhary

-Production Assistant-

Our talented & experienced team delivers amazing results.

Our Approach

We’re a Media Production Agency

helping businesses and brands achieve their goals with video.

Our approach to any Video Production, be it a corporate video, TV advertising film, or documentary video is founded on a deep understanding of communication – visually, emotionally, and intellectually. We begin any video production with this thought and then work out the story and develop its structure for the best video production result. Every frame, every moment, creates valuable impressions of your brand. This delicacy in delivering your message is what stands us apart. Building the video strategy from concept to final video our key skill.

We Commit,

We Explore,

We do great work.

Why hire us ?

An accurate understanding of your vision.

If you want an original tailored media solution exclusively for you.

If you want expert consultancy, and creativity during the entire process.

If you want a team of professionals and passionate people who understand the business.